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We want our company to be a place where inclusion and diversity is valued and where we all feel a sense of belonging. Getting this right will strengthen our performance by bringing us even closer to the needs of our customers, patients, and of each other.

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  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Health and well-being

We empower you to be yourself, share ideas and work collaboratively. In India, we offer:

  • Supporting women to re-enter the workplace: Re-kindle your career is an initiative to support women who might have put their careers on hold for any given reason and now want to re-integrate professionally. The program is open to candidates who’ve been on a break for at least 24 months, with at least 3+ years of work experience. If selected, they are appointed to temporary assignments, during which they receive functional and leadership development as well as mentoring support to help them transition back into the workplace
  • Employee Resource Groups, such as Women’s Leadership Initiative and Spectrum (LGBTQ+)
  • Sensitization workshops around breaking biases and conscious inclusions for leaders, manager and employees
  • Office infrastructure for people with disabilities
  • Gender neutral washrooms
We empower you to be yourself
What our people say
Junior Legal Counsel, Legal

“I chose to join GSK because I strongly believe in the values that the company stands for and I deeply admire the way the company treats employees. The work culture at GSK is definitely a class apart.”